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Best head shaver ever!

The best head shaver I've ever used better than a regular razor better than a straight razor makes my head nice smooth and clean every time I use it.

Head shaver

The best quickest way to shave your head!! Nothing comes close. A great investment for the head shaving and even other body parts quickly and very effectively.


Cuts shaving time in half, pretty good product


I tried it, but much prefer my razor. It was uncomfortable to hold and took much longer to shave. Because of the awkward shape and holding method, I also get a better shave with my regular razor. I returned everything for a refund. And before customer service tells me the same BS they tell everyone else with a negative review, I watched ALL of the videos and followed ALL of the instructions and recommendations.

Dear OmniShaver Customer,

We've made countless cage/handle prototypes, trying different combinations of rounded surfaces all the way to rubber infused grips and in soapy or very slippery conditions, none of these prototypes could maintain the grip that our current cage handle provides. I know that some of the angles are a bit sharp, and if you look closely, you'll see that even the tip of the arrows are exposed to give more grip. All of these contours are purposely designed into the cage handle for maximum grip performance. We do have a Touch-Up OmniShaver that has a handle that might be a little bit more comfortable for you to hold. Here is a video for you to examine: .The bottom line is that we thought when guys are shaving their heads in the shower or when legs are being shaved in soapy bath tubs, the OmniShaver needs to be controlled in those environments and that's what we've accomplished. We do have an extension handle that will fit on the OmniShaver you currently have but it won't be ready for another couple months. I hope this explains our designed decisions and I hope you'd give our new products a try.

Kindest Regards
John Harris
OmniShaver Inventor

It's ok...

The shave isn't the best and it doesn't conform to the shape of your head well. It speeds up my shave time by covering the largest areas quickly, but it's really not a great shave. If I have the time I prefer to take my time with my usual cartridge razor.

Hi Naviathan,

Try these tips from this video as it may help give you a better experience using the OmniShaver.

First of all its not 2 minute shave.

First of all its not even close to a 2 minute shave, more like a 10 minute shave.
After just 1 month of trying this i feel the blade is already wearing out, and not as sharp as first bought.
The handle is souncomfortable to hold while shaving and so plastic, feels low quality.
I would give it 3 stars if it didnt cost me 40$, but for sure its not worth the cost.

Dear Kareem,

First let me apologize for your frustration with OmniShaver's performance. I'd like to respond to your concerns. 

The first is that in no place do we state 'OmniShaver should deliver a 2 minute shave'. We do state that it can deliver a much faster shave than any other shaver can deliver. Most people report reducing their shaving time by 75%, which equates to a one or two minute shave. Your 10 minute shave is not the norm. 

The second is that we only state OmniShaver should deliver twice the number of shaves that your normal shaver will deliver. Normal shavers typically have their blades replaced every week so promising that our shaver delivers 2 weeks worth of shaves is a realistic number to expect. You  stated that you received a month's worth of shaves and most would consider that to be a good value. 

Please take the time to review the following video because it has 4 tips that will help you achieve great performance from you OmniShaver:

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