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Premium Cartridge Replacement Kit 3 PACK

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Our replacement OmniShaver blade cartridge package includes 4 shaving cartridges and 1 cartridge replacement tool. This cartridge kit was best designed to fit our new generation "Silver Arrow" Premium OmniShaver which has our most recently modified cartridge locks.

We worked hard to make it so these blade cartridges would also fit previously offered Premium OmniShavers (with "White Arrows") that were purchased after January of they will fit "White Arrow" Premium OmniShavers but won't lock into their shaving head as securely as they lock into our new generation "Silver Arrow" Premium OmniShaver.

You will receive THREE Kits, 12 Blade Cartridges and 3 Removal Tools

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
What I’ve been waiting for.

I’ve loved using the original Omnishaver, but didn’t like throwing them out when they get dull, seemed like a waste of materials and dollars. Now my problems have been solved, great shave, easy on the environment and my wallet!

Great razor

Still love this product. Mine did last much longer than other razors, but not as long as some people report. I am glad there are now replacement blades, it was very disappointing and felt like a big waste when previous premium models had to be thrown away.

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