Premium OmniShaver & Cartridge Kit

Product image 1Premium OmniShaver & Cartridge Kit
Product image 2Premium OmniShaver & Cartridge Kit

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Magic Eraser

This little gizmo, the OMNISHAVER, is incredible and like a magic eraser for hair. It stripped about 75% of the time it took to shave my head. One of the best items I've boughten


My man was more than happy with this product.

Not for me

First, let me start by saying this is a well-made product and I am in no way an expert in shaving. I have shaved my head daily for the last 20 years. I have tried several items that have come on gone in the market. I was given an Omni shaver as a birthday gift from a fellow head shaver. I was excited to give it a go. The first time I used the Omni Shaver the stropping sensation was a little odd and left me feeling a bit concerned about cutting my head, I continued on and finished shaving (happy to report no cuts). The end product didn't feel any better than the three-bladed disposable razors I normally use in fact later in the day I could feel several areas I missed while shaving. I used the Omni Shaver several more times only to need to follow up with a disposable razor. I'm sure it is a user error on my part, but I also feel because the blades do not flex they miss many areas my other razors don't. I think the Omni Shaver is for someone looking to shave their face and other parts of their body (arms and legs), but the head is not a place I would say the Omni Shaver does a good job.

Excellent shave

Quickest, most enjoyable shave I have ever had. The learning curve was like 10 seconds if that. Super easy to use.

Premium & Touchup

I bought the Classic Omni Shaver to give it a try and even after cutting my head not nicking it I bought the Premium Omni Shaver & the Premium Touchup / since I did cut my head I had to let it heal & today after waiting for 2 weeks I used both the Premium & Touchup / the Premium is a whole lot better than the Classic & I think it's because of the weight / I seemed to be able to control it better / the Touchup worked so good I almost shaved my whole head with it but didn't / if you want to have nice shaved head buy the Premium Omni Shaver & the Premium Touch up

Great shave

Used it for the first time last week and loved it. Easy to use. Gives a close shave.

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