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Regular price $24.95 Sale price $37.99

June Specials:

  • Special #1: 1 Premium OmniShaver & 1 Shave Butter for $24.95 Retails $37.95
  • Special #2: 2 Premium OmniShavers & 2 Shave Butters for $45.95 Retails $75.90 (Making each OmniShaver & Butter $22.95)
  • Special #3: 3 Premium OmniShavers & 3 Shave Butters for $62.95 Retails $113.85 (Making each OmniShaver & Butter $20.95)

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Customer Reviews

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MICHAEL BLACK (Utah, United States)
A bit of a learning curve...

Right out of the package my first shave was pretty amazing. Second one not so much, as the shaver is a little small for my hands and they started to cramp a bit, which caused my grip on it to slip a little, leading to a cut on the back of my head. The next two shaves were back to amazing, as I was refining my technique and shaving process.

It's very different than any other razor I have ever used previously, and I must say that overall I'm quite pleased. When they say press firmly, it's no joke though. I don't think there's a "too firmly", but there's definitely a "not firmly enough" so my advice to future customers is this, don't be afraid of it, keep your skin well lubricated, and rinse it really well after you're done.

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