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New Year Special

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New Year Special!

  1. Premium OmniShaver
  2. Premium Touch-Up
  3. Premium Cartridge Kit
  4. Hot Water Tongs
  5. White Travel Case & Docking Station for both Premium OmniShaver & Touch-Up
  6. OmniShave Butter

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Customer Reviews

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great cut

better than i expected

Bag torn

Shipment arrived quickly but there was a hole in the shipping bag and the shave butter was missing. I sent an email right away, John responded that they would send the missing shave butter right away. I still have not received it. I am excited to try the omni shaver but must wait for the shave butter and Christmas.

Fast Shave

I use shaving cream press down hard on your head you will get a smooth shave every time. Have to go over ears few times but your head is smooth

Good product

Be omnishaver itself worked really good.I shaved my whole head in less than 2 minutes. But the first time I used it I got ingrown hairs all over my whole scalp so I won't be able to use it again unless I can figure out a way to prevent those ingrown hairs.

Sorry to hear about the bumps Perry. Here are three tips. Please pay special attention to tip #1 as i think It will positively affect your specific shaving outcome. #1-Try not to go over the same area of skin more than 2 or 3 back and forth strokes. Some people keep stroking back and forth out of habit when those extra strokes aren't needed, and that's the major cause of Razor Rash, or Razor Bumps. The hairs get shaved off at a sub-dermal level so when reemerging, the hairs cause those pores to be irritated and result in bumps. It's hard to leave an area alone once a only a few strokes have been made, but I'm pretty sure if you could force yourself to try this, it would help tremendously in bump prevention. #2-After shaving, wipe your affected area with Tea Tree oil (or use my Tea Tree infused OmniShave Butter). I've found Tea Tree to be a real miracle cure for skin irritations. #3-We offer OmniShave Butter that has Tea Tree in it and this lubricant is also a moisturizer with anti-inflammatory properties. Let me know if these tips help and thank you for the positive feedback! John

Great product love it

Omnishaver Gift Purchase

I purchased this as a gift for my son for Christmas. It was an easy quick sale. I received it within days of purchase one item was left out of shipment but was shipped in days. I can't tell you if it's a good product because it's not for me personally. But as far as being shipped it was great.

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