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Classic OmniShaver

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  • Saves Time: Most report reducing their shaving time by 75% & many shave their heads in less than a minute.
  • Saves Money: Instead of buying expensive shaving cartridges every week, OmniShaver exponentially extends useful time by self-polishing or "strop" its blade edges during use.
  • Saves Our Planet - OmniShaver is eco-friendly in several ways: #1 - No need to waste water rinsing blades during use. #2 - Last Longer = Less Shaving Cartridges in Landfills. #3 - We incorporate recycled plastics.

Note on blade longevity: Although individual experiences may vary, OmniShaver feels that if properly maintained and used, our shaver will provide at least twice the number of shaves other shavers or razors can provide.​ 

Product Dimensions: 2 1/4" Long, 1 /1/4" Wide, 3/4" Deep 

Please select color: Black or Pink

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Best razor on the market for shaving your head

5 star for sure

Best razor on the market

Good little unit

Just tried out the Omni Shave and was pretty impressed.
Quickest way to shave your head hands down.

It cut my head

It worked pretty good but it got my head in two spots

Dear West, : #1-Can you send me a 'close-up' picture of your latest cut? I can tell a lot about how the cut happened by inspecting the cut. I'm 99.9% sure I know why you are getting nicked or cut. It's because at the point you change directions you probably are making a bit too big of an angle change to reach a new shaving area. Without exception, when customers have reported getting cut it's always been the same reason which is sliding the blades sideways. I know you don't slide OmniShaver sideways, but at the point of 'pivoting' at the end of one stroke to the beginning of another stroke, the slightest 'twist' in direction change can slice the skin from minor sideways movements. If you'd like, I'd be very anxious to watch you shave to further inspect your technique. A short video from your phone would be all I need to analyze what's going on...but I'm going to make a prediction...if you do make a video you probably won't cut yourself again because now you'll be aware and concentrating on not making any sideways or pivoting movements #2-To clean try this: Soak the shaver in hot water, then after 2 minutes...vigorously move it around several times in that water and then check to see that there is no remaining debris stuck between the blades. You should be able to see through the blades to the back of the shaver. It's important that it's cleaned after every shave because accumulated debris will make future cleanings very difficult. #3-To re-polish blade edges try this: Apply a shaving lubricant to one of your palms and then quickly stroke your OmniShaver back and forth over your palm about 50 strokes (this will put a fine-tune 'strop' on your blade edges). I hope these tips help...let me know how it goes. Kindest Regards, John
This is it, folks.

Wow. Just wow. I have issues with ingrown hairs. They turn into crazy looking pimples and it’s very unsightly. This shaver is so damn smooth, shaves so close, and leaves hardly any irritation behind. I haven’t had any ingrown since starting to use it. And it shaves blazingly fast. I’m done within 2-3 minutes. Omni shave for life!

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