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It's commonly accepted that scalp shaving typically takes from 5 to 15 minutes, but only OmniShaver can shave a scalp in less than 1 minute.


Meaning that you don't need to stop during your shave to rinse or clean out your shaver.


OmniShaver uses your skin as a "strop" to self-straighten and polish its blades' edges during use. OmniShaver far outlasts any shaver on the market.


OmniShaver provides very similar end results to that of currently available shavers and razors, but offers features no other shavers and razors can offer.



The Premium OmniShaver is almost three times the weight of the Classic model because of its' triple plated steel shaving head. This new OmniShaver is not only heavier, but it transfers captured heat to the skin's surface as the shave takes place.
Once the triple plated steel shaving head has been warmed up from the hot water, it will retain the heat throughout the shave which provides a soothing feel to the skin and helps to expand the hair follicle size so the blades can deliver as close a shave as possible.

How Self-Cleaning During Use Works

OmniShaver is the only shaver that "Self Cleans", meaning that you don't need to stop during your shave to rinse or clean out your shaver.

How Stropping During Use Works

OmniShaver is the only shaver that "Self-Straightens & Polishes Its Blades' Edges During Use", this action is referred to as "stropping" and as you can see in the explanation video below, the same result occurs when OmniShaver is stropped against the skin with every shaving stroke.

How Long Do The Blades Last?


Although individual experiences may vary, OmniShaver feels that if properly maintained and used, our shaver will provide at least twice the number of shaves other shavers can provide.

Speed Shave Videos


Photo Contest!

Here is a fun new OmniShaver Contest you can check out by clicking the video below:

Post your picture on Instagram or Facebook (or both 😉) and don’t forget to tag @omnishaver!

Pictures must be posted by 11:59 PM on June 30, 2019.

Winners will be announced on Instagram, Facebook, and on July 10, 2019.

Now, go grab your OmniShaver and get posting!

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