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What Makes Us Different?

Self Cleaning Razor

There’s no need to stop and rinse throughout your shave with the OmniShaver. Our dual-bladed system works to pull the hairs and debris out of one set of blades while the other continues to cut and shave. Simply rinse with water when you’re done!

Your Fastest Shave

Shaving a scalp can take anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes, but with the OmniShaver you can cut this time down by up to 75%. Our videos demonstrate scalps being comprehensively shaven in just a minute.

Self-Stropping Blades

While we already use good-quality razor blades, they’re also designed to polish and ‘strop’ their edges throughout the shaving process. This keeps blades sharper, straighter, and more effective for longer than a typical manual razor.

We designed the OmniShaver with a simple mission...

We designed the OmniShaver with a simple mission, to create the best head shaver on the market, that works equally well with body, leg, and arm hair. With our unique and innovative design, we’ve crafted something long-lasting and highly effective.

How We Do It

How Bi-Directional Shaving Works

OmniShaver is designed with two sets of razor blades, so you can shave your head and body back and forth without ever lifting the razor off. The blades are carried on three axes, meaning they can conform to the shape of your head easily without catching or cutting your skin. The bi-directional motion of the OmniShaver contributes to saving you time during a shave.

Non-Electrical Manual Razor

The OmniShaver is an entirely manual shaving tool, with no electrical parts, no batteries, and no charging required. Head, arm, leg, and body shaving for men and women is often a chore, especially when completed manually, but electric razors almost always leave behind stray hairs and stubble. With this revolutionary manual razor, you can get a comprehensive shave quickly without using any electricity at all.

The OmniShaver Premium

For those looking to take their shaving experience up another level, we have the OmniShaver Premium. This model houses the razor blades in a triple-plated steel shaving head, which adds to the weight and feel of the shaver, along with providing more comfort during a shave. The steel head can be warmed with hot water to create a more soothing, comforting effect during a shave, along with expanding hair follicles so you can get the best shave possible.

Self-Cleaning and Self-Stropping Blades

How Do They Actually Work?

Self Cleaning Razor

We’ve crafted the world’s first self-cleaning shaver, meaning that you can save yourself time and effort while shaving by cutting out regular stopping and rinsing. This system works by dislodging and drawing hairs out of one set of blades on each backward stroke while the other continues to cut and shave away. Once your shave is complete you simply have to rinse the blades out once thoroughly and let the OmniShaver airdry.

Self-Stropping Blades

‘Stropping’ is the final stage in sharpening and maintaining blades, and ours are designed to strop against the skin on your scalp and body. As you stroke your shaver back and forth, the blades are essentially polishing themselves against the surface of your skin, leaving them straighter and sharper with every shave. When properly cared for, washed, and dried, these blades should last up to twice as long when compared to typical razor blades.

For More Detail on Both of These Features, Watch the Video Below!

Blade Longevity

We can't really answer how long the OmniShaver’s blade edges stay sharp. Although we can confidently say they will outlast all other known shaver’s blades’ edges. If OmniShaver is kept dry and clean between shaves, it stays sharp for an extremely long time. This is because its' blade edges self-straighten and polish (or “strop”) during use.

We’re not promising OmniShaver’s blades will stay sharp forever. But if maintained, they will certainly stay sharp exponentially longer than all other shavers on the market today.

Most other shavers/razors require replacement blades after about a weeks’ worth of shaves, so expect getting over 2 weeks of use is usually considered by most to be a good value.

Join The Revolution!

Revolutionize the way that you shave your scalp, arms, legs, and body hair with the OmniShaver, the Bi-Directional, Manual, Self-Cleaning and Stropping Shaver designed to save you time and effort.

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