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Are the replacement cartridges compatible with my older premium omnishaver(s)?

Replacement cartridges will only fit the Premium OmniShavers that were made on or after January of 2019. Our replacement OmniShaver blade cartridge package includes 4 shaving cartridges and 1 cartridge replacement tool. This cartridge kit was best designed to fit our new generation "Silver Arrow" Premium OmniShaver which has our most recently modified cartridge locks.

How long do the blades last & do I need replacement cartridges?

We can't really answer how long the OmniShaver’s blade edges stay sharp. Although we can confidently say they will outlast all other known shaver’s blades’ edges. If OmniShaver is kept dry and clean between shaves, it stays sharp for an extremely long time. This is because its' blade edges self-straighten and polish (or “strop”) during use.

We’re not promising OmniShaver’s blades will stay sharp forever. But if maintained, they will certainly stay sharp exponentially longer than all other shavers on the market today.

OmniShaver should stay sharp for several months. Most testers are reporting that their OmniShavers are still sharp after 4 or more months.

If your OmniShaver is losing it's sharpness...please try following these instructions:

#1- Soak OmniShaver in hot water for a couple of minutes. Then rinse OmniShaver under hot running water. This should loosen up any clogged on debris. (If successfully cleaned, you should be able to see through the blades to the other side of the OmniShaver).

#2- Pick a 7" to 8" area of skin with no hair, like maybe on the reverse side of your forearm. Now generously lube that area of skin up with hair conditioner. Now take your cleaned OmniShaver and make 25 to 30 fast 5" back and forth strokes over that area of lubricated skin.
#3- Now rinse out OmniShaver and then lubricate your scalp and give shaving another try.

Your blades should be re-sharpened and you should get a great shave.

Replacement blade cartridge kits are now available.

Will OmniShaver cut me?

Nicks and/or cuts usually come from successive passes over skin that's been irritated. OmniShaver requires fewer passes and therefor irritates the skin less. Nicks and/or cuts can also come from dull blade edges being pressed harder to shave "one-last-time". OmniShaver’s blades’ self-straighten and self-polish during use, so maintaining it's sharp edges helps to prevent nick and/or cut problems. The most common cause of nicks and/or cuts with traditional shavers are with their blade heads being tilted by a leveraged handle, which creates uneven angles of blade edge attack to the skin. With OmniShaver, the blade head always maintains a parallel downward pressure plane relationship to that of it's cutting surface, making angles of blade edge attack consistent throughout the shave. This makes nicks and/or cuts from gouging less likely.

What's the difference between Classic and Premium OmniShavers?

The Premium OmniShaver is almost three times the weight of the Classic model because of its' triple plated steel shaving head. This new OmniShaver is not only heavier, but it transfers captured heat to the skin's surface as the shave takes place.

Once the triple plated steel shaving head has been warmed up from the hot water, it will retain the heat throughout the shave which provides a soothing feel to the skin and helps to expand the hair follicle size so the blades can deliver as close a shave as possible.

I ordered on Indiegogo. When will I receive my package?

All orders will be fulfilled within 7 days of purchase. Shipping typically takes 1 to 3 weeks for delivery. Tracking information will be emailed to you once shipped.

Do You ship to other countries? military apo addresses?

We currently ship to all over the world using DHL, UPS or USPS services. Please note, taxes and duties may apply and vary by country. You as buyer is responsible for any additional fees that are not included in the shipping charge. Please research your country's duties and taxes fees ahead of time before placing an order.

can i buy omnishaver at my local store?

Currently, we only sell online on our website and Amazon (Amazon is for USA residences only). We do have plans to offer to Amazon UK in the future. Stay tuned!

what is the return and exchange policy?

30 days satisfaction guaranteed. Please contact us to initiate returns or exchanges at . Note we do not offer return labels and refunds for shipping. Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs.

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