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Docking Stations

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The OmniShaver Docking Stations will stick to a smooth surface like a mirror or tile and will house your OmniShaver between uses. It has vent holes to help keep it dry and it's suction cup allows you to place it in any convenient location.

Product Dimensions: 2" Height, 2 5/8" Long, 1 1/8" Wide

Please Choose Color:  White or Pink

Customer Reviews

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Docking Stations


Shaved nicely in both directions. No nicks

Great docking station!

This little holder for my Omnishaver works great! Has been attached to my shower wall for several weeks securely without any problems.

Not what I expected.

Received it 3 days ago, and have used it 3 times. Not at all impressed with the results, not for the price I paid. Have tried different soaps and creams, my $3 bic does a better faster job. I don’t mean to belittle your product, concept is pretty cool..........just over priced for something that comes out of China.

Hello Andy, First, let me apologize for your experience with OmniShaver. If you would allow me to investigate a bit...OmniShaver's blades are US made and are very high quality, and should provide good shaves for at least twice the number of shaves other manufacturers offer. Please don't think I'm discounting your experience, I'm just trying to figure out why your experience is so different than what others experience. Typically, if it is skipping, or if the hair feels like it's being tugged, or the blades just feel dull after a week or so, then the problem is usually that it's not being pressed down hard enough while performing back and forth strokes. The OmniShaver's shaving head uniquely floats inside the cage (or handle) and if not enough downward pressure is applied then the blades will feel like they are dull, tugging hair and missing spots. The blades can't be positioned inside the shaving head like other shavers because if they were they would cause too aggressive of a shave with the required back and forth strokes. Bi-Directional stroking is why OmniShaver's blades must lay flatter and their decreased shaving angle of attack is why you need to push down harder than you usually push when using conventional shavers.***Here is an OmniShaver video where a customer demonstrates the correct short, fast and deliberate bi-directional shave strokes: If you would be so kind, please try all '5' steps below and get back to me on your results...My sincere goal is to turn you into an OmniShaver enthusiast, and if used properly, I'm hoping that you'll see how good and fast a shave OmniShaver can provide. #1-Let's make sure it's clean, so lets soak the shaver in hot water, then after 2 minutes...vigorously move it around several times in that water and then check to see that there is no remaining debris stuck between the blades. You should be able to see through the blades to the back of the shaver. #2-Now, lets make sure it's sharp, so apply a shaving lubricant to one of your palms and then quickly stroke your OmniShaver back and forth over your palm about 50 strokes (this will put a fine-tune 'strop' on your blade edges). #3-Let's take baby steps as far as the length of hair you have when you shave your head. Let's try shaving only 1 or 2 days of growth for this test. Then if it goes well, we can try 3 days of growth next. #4-Wet your scalp and then apply your chosen 'slippery' shaving lubricant to your scalp. #5- Now take your OmniShaver and apply a good amount of downward pressure while making short deliberate 2' or 3' back and forth strokes. (Think of a band aid being removed...if you pull it off slow it hurts more. If you pull it deliberately and quickly it feels much better). With OmniShaver, there is less hair tugging with deliberate downward quick strokes. OmniShaver is a new type of shaver and it requires different operational techniques than most have ever tried before. Re-educating people on how to get the best out of their OmniShaver has been my biggest challenge, so you giving it another open-minded try is much appreciated. ****Please always keep in mind that if not enough downward pressure is being applied during your very important 'Back AND Forth' bi-directional shave strokes, OmniShaver will not self clean, will not self strop/polish it's blade edges and will not shave close or quickly. I hope these explanations and tips are understandable and I look forward to hearing back about your results. Kindest Regards, John Harris Omnishaver Inventor
Great product!!!!!

Have tried others but nothing compares to the OmniShaver. I use it for my head and its fast and thorough. This is it for me!!!!

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