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Premium Cartridge Replacement Kit
Richard Aballe (California, United States)
Nice shaver excellent very fast.

Love the shaver very happy.

Premium Cartridge Replacement Kit
Robert Loving (Florida, United States)
Omnishaver #2

Unfortunately when I opened the package of replacement blades I dropped them and one was damaged. Just didn`t survive the landing on the floor. So of the 4 cartridges I have only 3.

Hi Robert,

Sorry to hear about the damaged replacement blade. Please contact us directly at and we'll be happy to help!

OmniShaver Shave Butter & Replacement Cartridge Kit
Mr. Madurai (Virginia, United States)
Omnishaver Shave Butter

I have been a customer of Omnishaver since its launch in Jan 2019. I am an absolute fan of the blades and the even bigger fan of the original version of shave butter. However the latest version of the shave butter delivered in June really missed the mark. The butter was far more liquidy compared to previous versions and that did not lead to a smooth shave as expected. It leads me to believe there is decline in quality since this product got more sales. I am unhappy and wish that you go back to the original version of the Shave Butter.

Dear Mr. Madurai,

We're sorry to hear about you being unhappy with OmniShave Butter we can assure you that the formulation has not changed. For best results, make sure your skin is wet before applying OmniShave Butter.

-OmniShaver Support

Premium OmniShaver
Jeremy (Texas, United States)
Best and fastest razor

Omnishaver is by far the best and fastest razor I’ve used

Premium Cartridge Replacement Kit
David Chavez (Colorado, United States)
Great product

I'm really happy with the omnishaver! It's a very good product. I recommend it to all bald people

Premium OmniShaver & Cartridge Kit
K. Juaire (Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany)
OmniShaver from Day One!

Suffering from hair loss, I decided to go bald about three years ago.
I did my first head shave using the OmniShaver and have stuck with it ever since.
The OmniShaver provides a fast and clean and safe shave. What else can you ask for?!
I highly recommend this Product

OmniShaver Shave Butter
Clay Crawford (Missouri, United States)
Works well

I found this product to work just fine and it only takes a small amount per use.

OmniShaver Shave Butter & Replacement Cartridge Kit
Richard Bittle (Washington, United States)
good service and product

once again I received the product in a timely manner and it is up to you quality standards again. I use the shavers and shave butter daily and I love the results of a quick close shave. thanks

I give it 2 thumbs up 👍🏼👍🏼

Value added

I’ve ordered this before, but this time the individual blades seem to be loose. They still cut good. I was very nervous at first because I thought the blades were going to cut me. Other than that it still beats buying a new razor.

OmniShaver Shave Butter & Replacement Cartridge Kit
Harvey Jacobs-Moore (New York, United States)

Ordering was easy and the product was delivered promptly!

The OmniShaver Kit
Jamie Holte (Wisconsin, United States)
Maybe I’ll come back to give a better review after my head heals!

I’ve only ever shaved my head with a buzzer throughout my life. I finally decided to take the plunge and shaving it completely smooth. Now after a week of cutting my head up, shaving skin off my head from going over the same spot over and over again trying to remove the patches of hair left behind, and watching hundreds of videos thinking that I was doing something wrong with despair and disappointment ready to give up I thought what if it was the blades. Sure enough I put new blades in and what a difference! So I hope this review helps somebody else not to do the same thing I did to my head. So even if the blades are new if it feels like it’s taken all your strength to push down and your neck muscles are sore from keeping you from snapping your neck with the pressure you’re putting down change the blades!

Dear Jamie, I've read your review and apologize for your frustration. I'm not sure how to respond because all our blades came from the same initial purchase. They were bought, ground, cut and mounted all at the same time.

Kindest Regards
John Harris
OmniShaver Inventor

OmniShaver Shave Butter
Jack Cue (Iowa, United States)


Premium OmniShaver & Cartridge Kit
Marc Duarte (California, United States)
Great razor

This razor actually works like it is advertised and I am surprised, it was well worth the money.

Mothers Day Special
David Hilario

Omni is the best!

OmniShaver Shave Butter & Replacement Cartridge Kit
Craig (Rhode Island, United States)
Missing items

I was missing 5/6 items in my order, still haven’t received everything. Seems like this is the new norm. I’ve been using these for years. Doesn’t seem to be worth the headache any more.

Dear Craig, we have two warehouses and when one runs low on inventory, sometimes the remainder of the order is sent from another warehouse. When you made us aware of your concerns that you had only received one of the items you ordered, we researched and got back to you saying that the rest of your order is on the way and then apologized to you for the inconvenience.

OmniShaver Shave Butter
Gregory Griffin

The shaving gel is no good for me will not buy again but the razors totally different story they are great

Dear Gregory, you didn't provide reasons why our Shave Butter didn't work for you but we'd like to offer a suggestion that might improve your results. For best performance, always remember to pre-moistened the skin with water before applying our Shave Butter. When rubbing our Shave Butter on to dry skin, it is only a fraction as slippery as when applied to pre-hydrated skin. Please let us know if this suggestion helps -Kindest Regards, John Harris OmniShave Inventor.

Premium Cartridge Replacement Kit
Carol Marks (Alabama, United States)
Love my OmniShaver!

I love my OmniShaver. Recently ordered refills and I love the tool that comes with it to help replace. The packaging on refills doesn’t need to be so big though. YouTube video placeholder
OmniShaver Shave Butter & Replacement Cartridge Kit
NATHANIEL THOMAS (Connecticut, United States)


Premium OmniShaver & Cartridge Kit
BryceM (California, United States)
Love It!

Easiest way to shave your head. Be slightly aggressive and you are doing it exactly right with no issues at all. Quick, short strokes are all you need and keep moving and you are done in about 1 minute.

Easter Special
Teddy Kobel
Best shaver for your head ever

This product is well worth it. Best shave ever for my balding head. Blades have a long life as well. Anyone head shaving this is the product to use hands down.

Easter Special
Michael Szopinski (Wisconsin, United States)
Omni shaver Outstanding

This is the second one I have, first one was lost on my move. Easy to use and does a awesome job. Recommend it highly.

Premium OmniShaver
Jeffrey Ross (Illinois, United States)
Excellent purchase

I really love the omnishaver…it’s a quick and comfortable shave without the worry of serious nicks and cuts. I highly recommend this product to everyone!

Premium Cartridge Replacement Kit
Tony Turner (Michigan, United States)

A great little razor and quick.

Premium OmniShaver
Jamie MH (Colorado, United States)
Wanted to love it

Purchased after watching multiple review videos. The first few strokes were great, but it stopped shaving close enough for my tastes with only half of one leg done. I finally gave in to the temptation to rinse it, despite the packaging saying not to do it. Worked a little better, but not for long. I'm going to try again, taking a bath instead of shower. That doesn't save me any time, though. Maybe it isn't meant for legs.

Hi Jamie, sorry to hear your bad experience using OmniShaver for the legs. Please look into this video as it may help give you a better experience:

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