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Hot Water Tongs

Product image 1Hot Water Tongs - OmniShaver
Product image 2Hot Water Tongs - OmniShaver
Product image 3Hot Water Tongs - OmniShaver

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Simply, used to keep your fingers away from hot water that's used when
soaking and washing off your OmniShaver.

Picture is Tongs only in Grey color. Premium OmniShaver is not included.  

Warning: Never use water heated above 160°F or 71°C. 

Customer Reviews

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Hot Water Tongs


Holds the shaver good. Made of plastic but nice and thick what you would want far as quality. Symple design but does the job. I also reviewed the omni shaver was honest about it then was replied with some excuse like it was the way I was using it and was sent vedios on YouTube. They send you the email wanting to know and then I feel they get a little upset when you tell them the truth and don't give it the automatic 5 *****. I had did a lot of referenceing and research all ready. Yes I do like it!!! Don't get me wrong. I would and have recommend this shaver. I just think it doesn't cut the longer growth hair as well as they claim even doing what the directions stated.

Dear Mr. Sizemore, we apologize for any frustration you've experienced by receiving our instructional videos. We try hard to offer the best solutions for any problems customers bring to our attention and most find the videos helpful. Our #1 goal is to provide ways to receive the most out of your OmniShaver products. We appreciate your continued support and hope we can fulfill your shaving needs with current and future products. Kindest regards, John. OmniShaver Inventor.
Nice Product

The tongs are great, they grip the Omnishaver nicely and allow me to pre-warm it for an even smoother shave.




Great product. Really saves the fingers!

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