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Product image 1Premium Cartridge Replacement Kit - OmniShaver
Product image 2Premium Cartridge Replacement Kit - OmniShaver

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Our replacement OmniShaver blade cartridge package includes 4 shaving cartridges and 1 cartridge replacement tool. This cartridge kit was best designed to fit our new generation "Silver Arrow" Premium OmniShaver which has our most recently modified cartridge locks.

We worked hard to make it so these blade cartridges would also fit previously offered Premium OmniShavers (with "White Arrows") that were purchased after January of they will fit "White Arrow" Premium OmniShavers but won't lock into their shaving head as securely as they lock into our new generation "Silver Arrow" Premium OmniShaver.

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Where is it?
Hi Susan, According to your package's tracking, it is still on the way. We'll email you the tracking results. Thanks
love it
Not faster and not as close
Dear Fred,
I'd first like to apologize for your negative experience with OmniShaver. My top goal is to make sure all people trying OmniShaver enjoy their shaving experience so please allow me to help you achieve this goal...
FYI: OmniShaver's blades are US made and are very high quality. No one can answer how long any manufacturer's blade edges will stay sharp because sharpness depends on many factors like thickness of hair, coarseness of hair, amount of hair, length of stubble being cut and lubrication being used...Having said all that I can confidently say that if OmniShaver's suggestions from its instruction sheet are followed, its blade edges will stay sharp longer than all other shavers. If OmniShaver's blades are tugging, or not shaving well after only a few shaves, then it's because not enough deliberate downward pressure is being applied, or it's because the blades are clogged with debris.
Most other shavers require replacement blades after about a week's worth of shaves, so getting twice the use from your OmniShaver is usually considered by most to be a good value.
***The following is what we write on our website about how long your OmniShaver should last: 'Although individual experiences may vary, OmniShaver feels that if properly maintained and used, our shaver will provide at least twice the number of shaves other shavers or razors can provide.'
I need to be careful about how I make my recommendations because it might sound like I'm suggesting you did something wrong (which I don't believe you did). OmniShaver has a learning curve because it's like using no other shaver, so please allow me to thoughtfully share some advice that I think will be helpful...
#1- The MOST important OmniShaver use recommendation by far is applying deliberate downward bi-directional stroking pressure. This is the main reason why sharp blades can feel dull and tug hair...Here is a short instructional video that will explain how to get the best shaving results from your OmniShaver. Please pay special attention to 0:45 into the following short video:
#2- Please look closely at your blades to see if they look like brand new. If cleaned well after each use your OmniShaver will look and function great. If there is a film on the blades or on the chrome shaving head, or if you can see any other shaving debris that hasn't been completely removed from your cleaning attempts, then the blades will not be able to self clean, self sharpen or shave well at all. Please pay special attention to 0:44 into the following short video: Please let me know how these videos and suggestions work for you.
Also, you commented on OmniShaver not being able to do your Trim Work so I'm sending you a video to watch about our Touch-Up OmniShaver that is designed to take care of trim work:

Kindest Regards, John Harris OmniShaver Inventor
Just another razor
Dear Dana, I understand that you had your OmniShaver for one month and you've only used it twice and then you wrote that you cut yourself from time to time so have you cut yourself every time you've used it ? Please watch the following video as it will explain on how to avoid cuts: in difficulty in holding your OmniShaver...the OmniShavers cage handle has edges and contours that were specifically designed to hold a sure grip in the slipperiest conditions. Every rib and point were thoughtfully placed through countless prototypes to make it so gripping it would be easy and secure. We have received a few comments like yours that wish the handle had padding on it and in our prototyping efforts we did test different forms of impregnated rubber. The results of making the handle softer were a loss in grip. Some people find the cage handle difficult to grip because they use their fingertips to hold it and the handle was designed to be held by the side of your third finger and thumb. Please take a look at the following video at 0:04 seconds to see suggested grip technique: . We do offer a bi-directional shaver called the Touch-Up OmniShaver and it has an elongated handle that you might find to be more comfortable to hold. Here is a video that talks about the Touch-Up OmniShaver's attributes: . I hope you continue to enjoy OmniShaver's performance. Kindest Regards, John Harris OmniShaver Inventor
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