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Premium Cartridge Replacement Kit

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Our replacement OmniShaver blade cartridge package includes 4 shaving cartridges and 1 cartridge replacement tool. This cartridge kit was best designed to fit our new generation "Silver Arrow" Premium OmniShaver which has our most recently modified cartridge locks.

We worked hard to make it so these blade cartridges would also fit previously offered Premium OmniShavers (with "White Arrows") that were purchased after January of they will fit "White Arrow" Premium OmniShavers but won't lock into their shaving head as securely as they lock into our new generation "Silver Arrow" Premium OmniShaver.

Customer Reviews

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Premium Cartridge Replacement Kit

First a 10/10 Head Razor, And Now a 10/10 Replacement Cartridge!

I fell in love with the Omnishaver months ago, and it did last a good amount of time. Even still I did notice that after a few months it wasn't as "perfect" as it was when I first got it (still very good though).
Enter the Replacement cartridge kit to save the day! Now it's like I have a brand new, awesome Omnishaver again that I love love love!!!
Keep the innovations coming John, you guys are killing it!

*I'll also mention that I have since ordered shave butter from another shave club, as it's a hard and lengthy process to order Omnishaver products into Canada, and it's nowhere near as good as Omnishaver's shave butter!

I had not received my replacement blaze yet

I had not received my replacement blade

Best head razor I have ever had!

I have use this razor now for 50 days. I wanted to wait a long enough time that I can give an honest review. For me the blades last about 30 days shaving every other day. This is the longest any razor has lasted for me. Other razors I had to wait 4 to 5 days between shaves. It gives me the closest shave I’ve ever had. Also I’m not getting any razor burn or bumps. One thing that you must do is read the directions for replacing the blade. I messed up by not reading the last line in the directions. That is my fault not the razors. I was just in a hurry to get new blades put in. I will definitely keep using this razor. THE BEST I HAVE EVER HAD!


Haven't received it yet.

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