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Docking Station

Product image 1Docking Station - OmniShaver
Product image 2Docking Station - OmniShaver
Product image 3Docking Station - OmniShaver
Product image 4Docking Station - OmniShaver
Product image 5Docking Station - OmniShaver
Product image 6Docking Station - OmniShaver
Product image 7Docking Station - OmniShaver

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The OmniShaver Docking Stations will stick to a smooth surface like a mirror or tile and will house your OmniShaver between uses. It has vent holes to help keep it dry and it's suction cup allows you to place it in any convenient location.

Product Dimensions: 2" Height, 2 5/8" Long, 1 1/8" Wide

Please Choose Color:  White or Pink

Customer Reviews

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Perfection! I shave to a perfect smoothness in 60 seconds flat.
Missing in action
Does the job!
Nice ... 1 gripe ...
Dear Curtis, We've made countless cage/handle prototypes, trying different combinations of rounded surfaces all the way to rubber infused grips and in soapy or very slippery conditions, none of these prototypes could maintain the grip that our current cage handle provides. I know that some of the angles are a bit sharp, and if you look closely, you'll see that even the tip of the arrows are exposed to give more grip. All of these contours are purposely designed into the cage handle for maximum grip performance. We do have a Touch-Up OmniShaver that has a handle that might be a little bit more comfortable for you to hold. Here is a video for you to examine: .The bottom line is that we thought when guys are shaving their heads in the shower or when legs are being shaved in soapy bath tubs, the OmniShaver needs to be controlled in those environments and that's what we've accomplished. We do have an extension handle that will fit on the OmniShaver you currently have but it won't be ready for another couple months. I hope this explains our designed decisions and I hope you'd give our new products a try. Kindest Regards John Harris OmniShaver Inventor
New time RAZOR
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