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What Makes Us Different?

Also Shaves Body, Arms and Legs.


OmniShaver is a fully manual razor with no electrical components, requiring no batteries or charging. Despite being manual, it offers a quick, thorough shave for men and women's head, arm, leg, and body, without leaving stray hairs or stubble like electric razors.

Rinse once shave is complete

Self-Cleaning Razor

We’ve crafted the world’s first self-cleaning shaver, meaning that you can save yourself time and effort while shaving by cutting out regular stopping and rinsing. This system works by dislodging and drawing hairs out of one set of blades on each backward stroke while the other continues to cut and shave away. Once your shave is complete you simply have to rinse the blades out once thoroughly and let the OmniShaver airdry.

Self-Stropping Blades while shaving bi-directional. Blades last twice as long as competitors

Self-Stropping Blades

‘Stropping’ is the final stage in sharpening and maintaining blades, and ours are designed to strop against the skin on your scalp and body. As you stroke your shaver back and forth, the blades are essentially polishing themselves against the surface of your skin, leaving them straighter and sharper with every shave. When properly cared for, washed, and dried, these blades should last up to twice as long when compared to typical razor blades.

Video: How Self-Clean & Strop During Use Works

Blade Longevity

OmniShaver blades outlast other blade edges because they self-straighten and polish (or “strop”) during use. Most razors require blades to be replaced after one week of shaves, so expect at least two weeks of shaves from OmniShaver blades, which offers great value.

Difference Between Classic & Premium?

The Classic and Premium both provide quality shaves, but with distinct design and performance differences. The Premium OmniShaver has a triple plated steel head, making it heavier and capable of transferring heat during the shave for a soothing sensation and closer shave. The Classic features a lightweight plastic head and doesn't accept replacement cartridges. While the Premium offers a luxurious, long-lasting experience, the Classic model is ideal for those prioritizing portability, convenience, and budget-friendliness.

Try OmniShaver Risk-Free For 30 Days!

No questions asked 30 day returns! Transform your shave game with OmniShaver! Unleash the power of our revolutionary razor, backed by thousands of 5-star reviews. Say goodbye to time-consuming, tedious shaves, and hello to an effortless, ultra-smooth experience. Don't settle for less – join the OmniShaver revolution today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Samuel Jason Hooker (Tennessee, United States)
Omnishaver is the absolute best!!!!

I love all of my Omnishaver products. The shave butter is awesome. The Omnishaver works like a charm on my head and face both. The back shaver is a huge time saver! Keep up the great work!!

Kenneth Sorrentino (New York, United States)
Docking station

The docking station works great on the mirror but I did try it in the shower but it would not stay on but I do recommend it to help keep the counter less cluttered especially it you don't have a medicine cabinet

David Pinckney (California, United States)
Great product.

Effective, long lasting, easy to use.

Daniel Work (Texas, United States)
Great docking station!

Works great, stays put, and keeps my shaver dry!

Doug Edwards (Colorado, United States)
Docking Station

This is the perfect piece of personal shaving equipment to keep my OMNISHAVE dry between shaving the old head ...

Tammy Karnik (Nebraska, United States)
I never received this

I have not received this as of yet

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