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Based on 1614 reviews
The OmniShaver Kit
Dwayne Bhola (Maryland, United States)

The OmniShaver Kit

The OmniShaver Kit
Jim Starnes (Texas, United States)
Best head shave I've had.

I was skeptical at first and purchased my first Omni Shaver on a whim. When it came in, I used it that night, in an unfair test that no blade should really be held up against; I hadn't shaved my head in almost a week. The Omni Shaver didn't seem to be bothered by that. It did amazingly well. I have now started purchasing the replacement blades, and I think I'm on my 4th Omni Shaver. I have NEVER gotten a nick, cut, scrape or scratch using this thing. No matter how fast I move it across my head (I recommend caution until you get the hang of it). I have recommended it to others, and given them as gifts to both bald friends of mine, and women (most of whom rave about how smooth and quick their leg shaves are now). If you're bald, and you want a quick, safe, close shave, I highly recommend you try the Omni Shaver. You won't be disappointed.

Premium OmniShaver & Cartridge Kit
david murray (California, United States)
Missing shaver was not included the shipping

I was disappointed without shaver

Docking Station
Samuel Jason Hooker (Tennessee, United States)
Omnishaver is the absolute best!!!!

I love all of my Omnishaver products. The shave butter is awesome. The Omnishaver works like a charm on my head and face both. The back shaver is a huge time saver! Keep up the great work!!

OmniShaver Shave Butter
Nathaniel Thomas (Connecticut, United States)
Nathaniel Thomas

It is working fine, quick and easy. Thanks omni shaver

Best shave ever

My friend gave me an Omni Shaver a couple of years ago to try and I’ve been using them since. Best shave ever

Premium Cartridge Replacement Kit
Donald Trader (Michigan, United States)
Premium Cartridge Replacement Kit

I will only use omni products on my head, they are the finest built for men or women who want a smooth shave on your head and other products for other parts, a customer for life

Travel Case
Ben Carr (Vermont, United States)
Omni shaver traveling case

Good case, but it doesn’t stay closed, not sure if it’s just mine, but it doesn’t stay.

Premium Cartridge Replacement Kit
Shaun A. (California, United States)
Won't use anything else!

Been using Omnishaver since it was first announced and people were petitioning it to be made into production. Took a chance on it and have used it ever since. I refuse to shave my head with anything else!! I am a customer for life!

OmniShaver Shave Butter
Johnell Barnhill (Delaware, United States)
Its great!!!

A real game changer nice and quick head shave!!! I recommend to all my bald head friends I know

Premium OmniShaver
Maximo Pickett (California, United States)
Time saver

I shave my head a couple times per week. This means the stubble gets pretty long by the time I shave it. Back when I used a common razor I spent about as much time unclogging the hair out of the blades as I did actually shaving. The OmniShaver revolutionized this process for me. Now I put on some shaving lotion and shave away until I'm done. The blades unclog themselves. Not only do I get a super close shave, it takes me about two minutes to do it. A set of blades lasts me 2-3 months.

This is one of the greatest inventions of our time. I'm so glad I found it!

The OmniShaver Kit
Stritt85 (Virginia, United States)
Fast head shaver

This has to be the fastest way to shave your head , definitely 👍 for that.

Premium OmniShaver
Dave (Florida, United States)
Amazing shave

For a bald guy this shaver makes it easy and quick. It doesn’t clog at all and shaves whichever direction you go you get a clean chair.

Premium Cartridge Replacement Kit
Eric Fogle (Kentucky, United States)
Loved it


Premium Cartridge Replacement Kit
Rene Rocha (Texas, United States)
Great item

Your product is great! Although, I ordered a premium touch-up Omnishaver( black), I received a Bi- Directional shaver. Is there anyway we can correct this issue?

Premium OmniShaver
Said Aman (California, United States)


Premium Cartridge Replacement Kit
Ralph E Ramos (Florida, United States)

I knocked myself so much I won’t be using it and its wasted money because I also bought a replacement cartridge but didn’t even survive the 1st one

Dear Ralph, the catridges work really well if used correctly. Please watch the following instructional video to ensure your uses as we recommend:

OmniShaver Shave Butter
Mike Orcutt (Pennsylvania, United States)

OmniShaver Shave Butter

Premium & Travel Case
Darren Langford (Florida, United States)
Best head shaver.

I will use nothing else to shave my head. I love these.

The OmniShaver Kit
Georgios P. (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Gets the job done but haven't met my expectations

After having watched a dozen of youtube videos and reviews I decided to give it a try. I ended up paying more than a 100 USD to have the omnishaver delivered in Europe, courier cost me more than the actual product and I also had to pay import tax. After following the instructions by the dot I gave it a try. All online videos make it look easy, the reality is it's not. The onnishaver is only suitable for a back and forth motion, hard to shave the area behind the ears, and you'll most probably end up with minor cuts at the back of your neck and sides if you shave on an up and down motion. Yes you don't have to rinse it as you shave, and the shaving butter is better than most shaving creams, but those aren't enough to say that it's better than a gillette fusion razor. With omnishaver I got minor cuts on my sides and an irritated back of my neck for the first time in 2 years of head shaving. Unless omnishaver is not suitable for a close shave, then in that case it gets the job done but wouldn't recommend it.

Hi Georgios, as far as your complaint about the import tax/customs, we clearly state what to expect about that on our website during checkout process and on our Shipping Policy page. As far as cuts on the back of your neck and not being able to reach around the ears, we do offer a Touch-Up OmniShaver for remote access areas. We're really glad that you love our OmniShave Butter.

OmniShaver Shave Butter & Replacement Cartridge Kit
Robin Wilcox (England, United Kingdom)
Great product

I find both the shaver and the shave butter very easy to use. Provide a first class shave and are very economical.

Maintenance Back Razor
Martin Souček (Central Bohemia, Czechia)

Maintenance Back Razor

Maintenance Back Razor
Rey Rivera (Texas, United States)
It’s good BUT…

I think this shaver is good, the only problem I have with it is the razors go dull really fast.

Dear Rey,

My top goal is to make sure all people trying OmniShaver enjoy their shaving experience so please allow me to help.

FYI: OmniShaver's blades are US made and are very high quality. No one can answer how long any manufacturer's blade edges will stay sharp because sharpness depends on many factors like thickness of hair, the coarseness of hair, amount of hair, length of stubble being cut and lubrication being used...Having said all that I can confidently say that if OmniShaver's suggestions from its instruction sheet are followed, its blade edges will stay sharp longer than all other shavers. If OmniShaver's blades are tugging, or not shaving well after only a few shaves, then it's because not enough deliberate downward pressure is being applied, or it's because the blades are clogged with debris.

Most other shavers require replacement blades after about a week's worth of shaves, so getting a month's worth of use from your OmniShaver is usually considered by most to be a good value.

***The following is what we write on our website about how long your OmniShaver should last: 'Although individual experiences may vary, OmniShaver feels that if properly maintained and used, our shaver will provide at least twice the number of shaves other shavers or razors can provide.'

I need to be careful about how I make my recommendations because it might sound like I'm suggesting you did something wrong (which I don't believe you did). OmniShaver has a learning curve because it's like using no other shaver, so please allow me to thoughtfully share some advice that I think will be helpful...

#1- The MOST important OmniShaver use recommendation by far is applying deliberate downward bi-directional stroking pressure. This is the main reason why sharp blades can feel dull and tug hair...Here is a short instructional video that will explain how to get the best shaving results from your OmniShaver. Please look up the video on youtube: 'OmniShaver Head Shave Instructions For BEST Results'. Please pay special attention to 0:45.

#2- Please look closely at your blades to see if they look like brand new. If cleaned well after each use your OmniShaver will look and function great. If there is a film on the blades or on the chrome shaving head, or if you can see any other shaving debris that hasn't been completely removed from your cleaning attempts, then the blades will not be able to self clean, self sharpen or shave well at all. Please search for '4 Important Tips On Getting The Most Out of Your OmniShaver' on youtube and pay special attention to 0:44.

Please let me know how these videos and suggestions work for you.
Kindest Regards,
John Harris

The OmniShaver Kit
Luis Pisquiy (Tennessee, United States)
Not for sensitive skin

I used them back when they first released and idk, feels like they've dropped in quality. The blades now irritate the back of my neck leaving it red and covered in bumps . Was a careful as I could be used hot water, the washed head before hand and used the shave cream too.

Hi Luis,

No bladed shaver will prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs. The only way to prevent receiving them is by using an electric foil shaver. OmniShaver is used quite frequently by people that had complained about receiving razor bumps and ingrown hairs but to safe-guard against getting them we recommend that you only go over each area that you are shaving two and three back and forth strokes. Most people receive ingrown hairs and razor bumps because they shave sub dermally after performing too many shaving strokes. We offer an amazing Shave Butter that helps to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs but again it really has to do with how many strokes performed. Often people think that there is skin is smooth after a few strokes and think it will be more smooth if performed more strokes and this is the practice that causes ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Kindest Regards,
John Harris,
OmniShaver Inventor.

OmniShaver Shave Butter & Replacement Cartridge Kit
ricardo roman (Florida, United States)

Love it will never stop buying !!!

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