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How To Use OmniShaver For Best Results For Arm & Leg Shaving

Designed to save you time, energy, and effort when it comes to shaving the areas of the body that generally require a lot of each to remain stubble-free, the tedious task of shaving every week has been made easy with the OmniShaver. 

It’s unique and innovative design allows you to not only reduce your shave time by 75% but also double your number of shaves. In fact, it can help you to get a spotless smooth shave in as little as one minute and if properly maintained, it will provide at least twice the number of shaves other razors can provide.

However, the results could be better when used the right way! Here is how you should be using our OmniShaver to shave your head, legs, arms and get a smooth, soft finish every time.

Step 1. Slather up!

The OmniShaver simply LOVES slippery skin. So, don’t hold back. Grab your closest lubricant and apply it unsparingly to your arms, legs, or whichever area you want to be hair-free.

OmniShaver does not work well with friction. Hence, your skin should be slippery enough for it to glide on easily.

If you are unsure about what shaving lubricant to use, we recommend using OmniShaver Butter. With Tea Tree, Aloe, and Shea Butter, it’s soothing on the skin and can be used as a moisturizer after you shave too.

Simply, moisten the skin with water before rubbing in OmniShaver Butter or your alternative lubricant, and get ready to experience the world’s best shave!

Applying Lubricant on Arms and Legs

Bonus Premium OmniShaver Tip!

Soak your Premium OmniShaver in hot water before shaving. This will allow the metal head to heat your hair, making it more pliable and easier to shave. It will also heighten the pleasure of your shave.

Be careful, however, not to heat your Premium OmniShaver above 160 °F (70 °C) degrees as you risk melting the plastic or burning yourself.

Use our Hot Water Tong to submerge the Premium OmniShaver and for easy cleaning.

Step 2. Go Back and Forth!

Now that you are all lathered up, it is time to shave.

First things first, to avoid causing skin cuts, never push your OmniShaver sideways.

Always remember to move your OmniShaver in a back-and-forth motion, going from the top of your head down towards the back, whilst making very slight direction changes at the end of your strokes.

 This will allow you to move the OmniShaver smoothly across your head and achieve a safe and consistent shave.

Step 3. Feel The Pressure!

To begin shaving, press the OmniShaver firmly down and move it deliberately back-and-forth across your skin in quick, short motions (2-to-3-inch strokes).

You must apply downward pressure consistently, otherwise you risk tugging your hair and preventing the OmniShaver from self-cleaning, self-stropping, and providing a fast, close shave.

Remember to never move the OmniShaver sideways but rather to make small direction changes smoothly at the end of every stroke whilst shaving.

Step 4. Don’t Forget The

Take extra caution when shaving your knees, ankles or under arm area to avoid nicking your loose skin.

Shave in only ONE direction – either upwards or downwards over your knee, ankle and under arm, to avoid cutting yourself.

However, for all other areas, follow step 2 and use continuous back and forth strokes to achieve a safe and smooth shave.

Step 5. Keep it Moving!

Resist the urge to rinse your OmniShaver until you are finished shaving as it self-cleans, and premature rinsing will wash off your lubrication. Instead, just keep the OmniShaver moving until you are content that you have achieved a smooth shave. However, make sure to never shave the same area excessively. Three to four back-and-forth strokes are plenty.

Step 6. Keep it Clean!

If you want your OmniShaver to last longer, do not forget to rinse it thoroughly after each use. Some lubricants can oxidize on metal surfaces, causing your OmniShaver to rust.

After use, rinse your OmniShaver thoroughly in hot water to remove any type of residue until you can see through the blades. Then, blow on your OmniShaver to remove water residue.

Finally, store your OmniShaver in a dry place until you are ready for your next shave.

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Leg Shave Instructions

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Revolutionize the way that you shave your scalp, arms, legs, and body hair with the OmniShaver, the Bi-Directional, Manual, Self-Cleaning and Stropping Shaver designed to save you time and effort.

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