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If you have a passion for shaving and run a successful social media page...

Then we have an opportunity for you!

All we are looking is for you to LOVE the OmniShaver! We would also love to see you or others using our product through videos, images, live streams etc. Mention via tags/hastags whenever the OmniShaver is being used. We are also looking for quality videos and or pictures sent to us so we can use them in our own social media channels/stories and we'll of course tag you back!

Help spread news about OmniShaver by sharing us with your social media followers!

Here's what you will get for being an OmniShaver Brand Ambassador:

  1. Earn money! You can participate on our affiliate program and your followers will receive a discount on their first purchase and receive up to 25% in commission which is split/shared with your follower's discount. For example 10% discount for your followers and 15% commission for you (combined is 25%)!
  2. You will get up to 100% discount OFF on your initial order, depending on which tier level you qualify for.
  3. We can partner with you for giveaways to help grow your followers (depending on tier level).
  4. You will be the first to know about our NEW products and possibly test them after signing an NDA.

    This is a new program for us and as we grow there will be more perks for being an OmniShaver Brand Ambassador!

We accept applications from around the world !

Conditions and terms above may change at any time.

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