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Maintenance Back Razor

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This is a "Maintenance" Back-Razor, meaning it is not for the initial shave that removes long hairs.

Instead, it is for quickly and safely shaving back stubble each day which keeps your back smooth and hair-free.

  • It has fully articulating shaving heads that allow the blades to follow every contour of your back.
  • The shaving handles are non-slip and can be used in a variety of configurations.
  • It has a unique shaving lotion spreader so no outside assistance is needed. 
  • This "Maintenance" back-razor self-strops and self-cleans during use.

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Customer Reviews

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Martin Souček (Central Bohemia, Czechia)

Maintenance Back Razor

Rey Rivera (Texas, United States)
It’s good BUT…

I think this shaver is good, the only problem I have with it is the razors go dull really fast.

Dear Rey,

My top goal is to make sure all people trying OmniShaver enjoy their shaving experience so please allow me to help.

FYI: OmniShaver's blades are US made and are very high quality. No one can answer how long any manufacturer's blade edges will stay sharp because sharpness depends on many factors like thickness of hair, the coarseness of hair, amount of hair, length of stubble being cut and lubrication being used...Having said all that I can confidently say that if OmniShaver's suggestions from its instruction sheet are followed, its blade edges will stay sharp longer than all other shavers. If OmniShaver's blades are tugging, or not shaving well after only a few shaves, then it's because not enough deliberate downward pressure is being applied, or it's because the blades are clogged with debris.

Most other shavers require replacement blades after about a week's worth of shaves, so getting a month's worth of use from your OmniShaver is usually considered by most to be a good value.

***The following is what we write on our website about how long your OmniShaver should last: 'Although individual experiences may vary, OmniShaver feels that if properly maintained and used, our shaver will provide at least twice the number of shaves other shavers or razors can provide.'

I need to be careful about how I make my recommendations because it might sound like I'm suggesting you did something wrong (which I don't believe you did). OmniShaver has a learning curve because it's like using no other shaver, so please allow me to thoughtfully share some advice that I think will be helpful...

#1- The MOST important OmniShaver use recommendation by far is applying deliberate downward bi-directional stroking pressure. This is the main reason why sharp blades can feel dull and tug hair...Here is a short instructional video that will explain how to get the best shaving results from your OmniShaver. Please look up the video on youtube: 'OmniShaver Head Shave Instructions For BEST Results'. Please pay special attention to 0:45.

#2- Please look closely at your blades to see if they look like brand new. If cleaned well after each use your OmniShaver will look and function great. If there is a film on the blades or on the chrome shaving head, or if you can see any other shaving debris that hasn't been completely removed from your cleaning attempts, then the blades will not be able to self clean, self sharpen or shave well at all. Please search for '4 Important Tips On Getting The Most Out of Your OmniShaver' on youtube and pay special attention to 0:44.

Please let me know how these videos and suggestions work for you.
Kindest Regards,
John Harris

Denny Perdue (Illinois, United States)

I have a forest that grows on my back and could not find clippers to cut it. This product is the best invention ever!!! I would strongly recommend it.

Sebastian Grasso (New Hampshire, United States)
Best back shaver ever!

I used to use the bakblade and it was good when the hair was longer but not for maintenance. I use the omni back shaver which is essentially a double omni shaver every second or third day and it does an amazing job. The long handle allows me to get to any part of my back without an issue. I can't say enough positive things about this shaver. I can finally throw everything else away.

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