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Premium Touch-Up OmniShaver

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We made the shaving head as small as possible in order to reach shaving areas with restricted access like behind the ears, between the eyebrows and bikini areas.

It’s shaving cartridges are positioned close to the outside perimeter of the shaving head to allow the blades to reach remotely located hair.

The Premium Touch-Up OmniShaver has a metal shaving head to soak in hot tap water. When heated, it will transfer that stored heat to hair making it easier to cut. It also has a metal dome at the end of its handle that can be soaked in hot tap water. It’s shape is designed to reach hair in tighter places. This transfer of heat changes the hair’s protein making them easier to shave.

We think the Touch-Up OmniShaver will make a great compliment to your original OmniShaver. The Touch-Up OmniShaver can reach restricted access areas where the original OmniShaver can shave more open areas.

OmniShaver has designed and will continue to design specialty shavers to address specific shaving requirements.

This Premium OmniShaver accepts Replacement Cartridges which can be found here


Customer Reviews

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WP HARPER III (Michigan, United States)
Great item!!!

I do like the OmniShaver!!! I will be using it for a very long time!!!

Mike Richwalski (South Carolina, United States)
second one

the first touch-up shaver I had a problem with but that was taken care of / I've been using both the premium OmniShaver and Touch-Up shaver for awhile now along with the Shave Butter / I will tell anyone who tries these products not to get frustrated when you cut your head / take your time and develop the shaving technique that works for you / you will find that these products are the best ones to use when shaving your head

Joseph Wilkinson (Georgia, United States)
Thrown in the trash can.

It felt like I was trying to shave with a brick. Love the Omni Shaver but this not even close.

Dear Joseph,

The Touch-Up OmniShaver is a specialty shaving tool that is specifically designed for shaving behind the ears where the regular OmniShaver has difficulty reaching. It works extremely well for the areas it was designed to shave. If you are using it as your primary shaver for your head, it will not work as well as the original OmniShaver works for those areas. You said you threw it away, OmniShaver comes with a 30 day unconditional warranty so if you can find it, please send it back to us for a refund. Kindest Regards, John Harris, OmniShaver Inventor

Kenneth Sorrentino (New York, United States)
Touch up shaver

Excellent product as good as the OmniShaver but helps behind the ears

Gino Rodeghier (California, United States)

Premium Touch-Up OmniShaver

Chad Kocina (Washington, United States)
Feels great

It has a great premium feel to it and it works great I’m glad I bought one

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