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Unlock the Confidence from Shaving Your Head

If you are reading this, you are considering shaving your head.

A bald head is a bold style statement. Baring it all from the eyebrows up, it is the rawest version of yourself – which could be one of the reasons you want a shaved head.

However, for a lot of men, going bald is something they go through in silence. Hair loss can be a very sensitive subject for those who are experiencing it. For anyone at the mercy of this natural and hereditary baldness, it causes them a great deal of stress and worry.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here is the truth: according to the American Hair Loss Association, 95% of hair loss in men is caused by androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as male pattern baldness. This is so common that around 70% of men start losing hair at some point in their lives.

The best way to embrace your hair loss or to simply make a statement – is to shave your head.


Whatever your reasons for contemplating the change, here are the 9 benefits of shaving you might find helpful in your journey.

1. Live freely with male pattern baldness

Sure, there are many treatments or methods these days that claim to hide receding hairlines or baldness by promising regrowth. However, many are full of chemical, insanely costly or simply do not work. Instead, shave it all off, start fresh and live with it proudly like a man. Thrive as you own the bald look, rock it, and you no longer have to hide behind it.

2. Feel liberated and look younger

Shaving your head makes you look more vibrant and younger. Start with a clean slate, and you will feel like you're a brand new person. Thousands of men have said that shaving their head was one of the best decisions ever made, and their shaved head makes them look almost 10 years younger.

3. Take care of the real you

Yes, we understand that losing hair is often beyond control, as a myriad of natural biological reasons could contribute to that.

However, how you choose to present yourself, is entirely your responsibility. Shaving your head means less time for maintenance and more time for you to take care of things that matter – your mental health and keeping yourself in top shape.

4. Appear smarter and more influential

Frank Muscarella, a psychologist from Barry University published a study about how bald men were consistently ranked as not only smarter but also more influential and knowledgeable, honest and helpful – traits that are commonly known as social maturity.

5. Easy maintenance

Ever tried washing a full head of hair? It is a mission.

Getting ready is a lot easier with a shaved head. It is simply more enjoyable. Leave vanity and narcissism to the boys, as they are the deal breakers for men who aspire to experience a full life.

6. Save more money

No more expensive haircuts, toiletries and unnecessary hair products.

Shaving your head is so easy, you can do it yourself anywhere and anytime. Taking your grooming process into your own hands saves so much money, and you no longer need the overpriced wax, gel or mousse in your life.

7. Take back your time

Forget appointments at the barber or hairdressers, you are your own barber now. You also never have to worry about a bad haircut from the barber again. With a shaved head, you can now leave long processes of shampooing, combing, and drying behind.

8. Be more environmentally friendly

Fewer hair products means fewer plastic bottles. To anyone with a dry scalp, you might need to use dandruff shampoo; for hiding that bald patch, with some texture, you might need a hair paste or light mousse. But with a bald head? All you need is a shaver with some shaving butter, and the earth will thank you.

9. A helping hand for charities

Shaving your head for charities is a powerful way to fundraise and create awareness. It is a statement and a beautiful way to honor the strangers or your loved ones, showing support and standing in solidarity with them. There are many worldwide foundations that you can get involved in for shaving your head such as Bald for Bucks, World's Greatest Shave for leukemia and so on. A bald head is now a simple act of compassion that could turn into something so much bigger!

How to get started in shaving your head bald

We have told you all the benefits of shaving your head, the question now is – how do you do it?

Invest in the best head shaving kit

If this is your first bald head shaving experience, using the best head shaving kit you can find in the market to get the perfectly shaved head is critical. Do a lot of research, read real user reviews before choosing a brand that you can trust. 

Introducing OmniShaver

  • Closest shave always, no fumbling around like other regular razors
  • Quickest way to shave, reduce shaving time by 75%
  • Self-cleanse, no rinsing while shaving
  • Shave reliably without any irritations, zits or razor bumps
  • Feel smooth and look great around the hairline
  • Gentle on your head, zero irritation and zero fuss

Be bold, be bald and live confidently

Being bald is now sexier and more powerful than ever. Invest in your confidence with OmniShaver today.

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