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OmniShaver For Women


easy, fast and long lasting...

the last razor you'll ever need!

Save time and money with the OmniShaver!

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Testimonial by Danielle Ines
Instagram: @DanielleInesBlogs

"This is the OmniShaver and I've been using this now for maybe three or four months and I've never spoken about it I thought it was such a weird thing at first and then I became a believer.... It is said to be a self cleaning and self sharpening razor but best of all it claims also to be the fastest way to shave and I'm here to tell you that that's all true!"

What Makes OmniShaver Different?

"Self-Cleans" During Use

Say goodbye to clogged razors during use, you won’t need to rinse your OmniShaver under water during use to unclog the blades. Perfect for head, arms and legs you will get the same results that conventional shavers/razors offer but without the waste of time and difficult to unclog. After shave, rinse under under warm water and air-dry.

Fastest Way To Shave

Reduce your shave time by 75%! It's commonly accepted that leg and arm shaving typically takes from 5 to 15 minutes, but only OmniShaver can shave in less than 1 minute. Make your shaving experience less time consuming with the OmniShaver's Bi-Directional action shave.

"Self-Strops" During Use

Cleverly designed with safety in mind, OmniShaver safely uses your skin as a "strop" to self-straighten and polish its blades' edges during use. Far outlasts any shaver on the market! *If properly maintained and used, our OmniShaver will provide at least twice the number of shaves other shavers or razors can provide.

Environmental Friendly!

- There is no need to rinse OmniShaver’s blades while shaving. According to the EPA, a typical shave will waste 10 gallons of water, so a year’s worth of daily shaves will waste 3,650 gallons of water per person.

- OmniShaver exponentially outlasts traditional shavers. According to the EPA, about 2 billion shavers are thrown away each year. OmniShaver's use will exponentially decrease that number.

- We incorporate recycled plastics into our production.

See The OmniShaver in Action!

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